DMQP(DMG MORI Qualified Products)

Selected peripherals with superior quality, performance and maintainability

The DMQP program is designed to certify peripherals that meet DMG MORI standards in quality, performance and maintainability. DMQP provides customers with even greater peace of mind.

Advantages of DMQP

  1. Merit1Qualified peripherals are arranged by DMG MORI
  2. Merit2Two-year warranty, the same as machines*
    (For overseas countries, the warranty period varies depending on areas.)
  3. Merit3Toll-free phone support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    (Japan only)
  • * The parts relating to machine breakdown and the labor cost to repair varies depending on the region.
    Please contact our sales representative for details.

DMQP: DMG MORI Qualified Products

Comprehensive support with machine + peripherals

DMG MORI provides comprehensive support, from proposal to delivery and maintenance, for high-quality peripherals that offer superior performance and maintainability.

Comprehensive support with machine + peripherals