Digital solutions

DMG MORI offers varieties of digital solutions according to customer issues, from production schedule, preparation, monitoring to maintenance.


The CELOS is a cutting-edge operating system to support production processes.
Mounting a touch panel for the first time in the industry, it connects machines with peripherals and production systems online.
The CELOS simplifies and accelerates the machining process from an idea to a finished product to achieve more effective machining.
Furthermore, the CELOS can mount ranges of applications and software to manage machine operation status, supporting shop digitization.

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Technology Cycles

Technology Cycles are the DMG MORI’s new solutions combining four elements: 1. Machine tool body; 2. Open innovation such as cutting tools and peripherals; 3. Embedded software and 4. Human machine interface such as the CELOS. Technology Cycles allow any operators to carry out machining, setups and measurements, which previously require special machines, programs and tools, with a general-purpose machine and standard tools and fixtures. Prompt start of operations and high-quality production can be easily achieved in a short time.

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