Automation systems

Automation systems bring customers various advantages: higher productivity, improved working environment and stable quality.
DMG MORI offers varieties of automation systems according to customer needs.

Pallet Pool System

The pallet pool system equipped with vertical pallet shelves ensures a higher level of automation. As each pallet can mount different shapes of workpieces and fixtures, the system is suited mainly to high-mix, low-volume production. The pallet pool system runs for long hours in automated operation, and workpieces and fixtures can be attached to the pallets in advance. This makes possible unmanned operation during nights and holidays. The pallet pool system can be controlled with the MCC-LPS for managing transfer systems by simple operation such as creation of program data and system monitoring.

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Workpiece handling

For workpiece handling, DMG MORI offers two types of systems: the loader system and the robot system. For the loader system, a transfer robot arm holds workpieces and attaches them to a machine tool.
An entire process, from supply of materials to ejection of finished workpieces can be completed on one machine. It is also possible to transfer the same workpieces at high speeds, so the system is suited to automatic mass-production machining. As the loader travels on the machine, it is space-saving, and multiple machines can be easily combined. For the robot system, a multi-joint robot holds workpieces and attached them to a machine tool. As the system is easily connected with peripherals such as measuring systems, flexible layout is possible according to customer needs.

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Pallet handling

The pallet handling system transfers pallets with workpieces on them. Each pallet can mount different shapes of workpieces and fixtures.
As the system is space-saving and a simple structure, it is suited for customers who are hesitant to introduce automation systems because of limited shop space and a negative “automation=complex”
The system can be directly controlled from a touch panel of the operating system CELOS. It is as easy for anyone to use as a smartphone. Various CELOS applications allow tool check and pallet change, reducing setup time.

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