DMG MORI's Die & Mold Machining Solution

DMG MORI Die & Mold Professional Team
Die & Mold Excellence Center

The DMG MORI's professional die & mold team provides customers support for
achieving high accuracy and short deliveries in die & mold production.

  • Optimal machining methods based on ample experience of test machining of dies and molds in the world
  • Die & Mold professional team at the Iga Global Solution Center
  • Six machines including the latest 5-axis control and laser machines exclusively for die & mold test machining
  • Automation solution for higher productivity and quality stability
  • New machining methods and tools optimal for customer workpieces
  • Collaboration with leading die & mold peripheral equipment manufacturers in the industry

Die & Mold Workpiece Gallery

Support customers by test machining of large and highly accurate dies and molds

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Support automotive production with the highest level of quality machining

Common issues and DMG MORI's approaches

  • Resin mold

    Super-high surface quality is required

    Higher surface quality by the 5-axis control machine ensuring
    high dynamic performance with the linear drive

    What is linear drive?

    What is linear drive?

    A linear drive is a linear motion drive system using a linear motor that generates a driving force by magnetic attraction and repulsion.

    Compared with a ball screw drive system that uses a rotary motor, it is lightweight with a fewer number of parts. As a linear drive enables non-contact drive by use of magnetic force, it is capable of accelerating and decelerating quickly, moving smoothly, and making a stop accurately.

    With a non-contact drive mechanism, it is possible to reduce parts wear and simplify maintenance as well as eliminating backlash to achieve higher positioning accuracy and stable machining.

    A linear drive is a drive system most suitable for machine tools requiring precision machining.

  • Large dies and molds such as a
    press mold

    Because a workpiece is large and heavy, it takes time to change setups

    Process integration and reduction in machining time with the
    gantry machine with a 5-axis head

  • Forging and die casting mold

    As workpieces with large level differences are cut with long tools, it is difficult to improve cutting conditions

    Deep gaps can be machined with a short tool tilted during machining

  • Plastic mold (resin)

    Hoping to place cooling pipes in molds, but drilling of
    complex-formed molds is difficult

    Additive manufacturing enables a complex-shaped cooling pipe to be made from a
    single-piece of material

  • Surface texturing

    Workpiece needs to be re-setup for surface machining

    Processes until surface texturing can be done on one machine,
    making process integration and high-accuracy machining possible

  • Mold repair

    Additional equipment is required to repair molds

    Processes from additive manufacturing to conventional cutting
    can be completed in one chucking