What we do:

  • - Show display machines and live demos
    Cutting-edge machines and peripheral equipment are showcased in the center, and customers can see live demonstrations and experience the CELOS and various software on the demo screens.
  • - Perform test machining
    Customers can conduct test machining using the drawings and programs they have brought in.
  • - Offer seminars
    We provide various seminars on industry trends and machining technologies.

- Provide consultation by machining professionals

Our professional engineers in each field provide consultation on customers' machining issues and problems.

  • How to extend tool life
  • Reducing operation time
  • Selection of tools
  • Fixtures
  • Technology cycles
  • Chip, Coolant, Mist
  • Improvement of machining accuracy
  • Process integration
  • Measuring method
  • Process automation
  • Reduction of setup time
  • Factory management
  • Space-saving factory
  • Chattering countermeasure/Deburring
  • 5-axis machining