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Industry 4.0 - Ready for the next industrial revolution.

  • Digitalization
  • Industry 4.0
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  • Smart Factory

*Data exchange interface compatible with all systems.

CELOS®, the app-based control and operating system from DMG MORI, is as easy to use as your smartphone and networks all machines within a manufacturing organisation.

CELOS® by DMG MORI is a holistic, app-based control interface with a unique multi-touch screen for all new high-tech DMG MORI machines. Thanks to app-based structuring, CELOS® is as easy to use as your smartphone. With the unique multi-touch display, CELOS® apps facilitate the consistent management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. 16 apps help the operator prepare, optimise and process production jobs without any errors. The CELOS® app Condition Analyzer serves as a platform for visualising, analysing and predicting the status of all machines.

Seminar Materials

TAIYO KOKI PRIVATE SHOW 2016 Technical Seminar
CELOS & Industry 4.0

i4.0 sensor package

for optimised data handling, improved precision and increased process reliability, consisting of:

  • Machine Protection Control (MPC)
    Preventive protection with vibration sensors on the milling spindle
  • Spindle Growth Sensor (SGS)
    A sensor designed to determine and compensate for spindle growth
  • Tool Dialogue System (TDS)
    Tool identification for manual, contact-free reading and writing of tool data
  • Internal coolant supply flow monitor
    Internal coolant supply flow monitoring to determine the necessary coolant output

60 built-in sensors monitor the machine status.


From big data to smart data – record and analyse machine data with direct feedback to the service team and customer for maximum machine productivity.

  • Collect: Variable sampling rates, backed-up data transfer to the cloud (every 10 minutes)
  • Analyse: Pattern recognition of unusual machine behaviour. Direct feedback to the service team and customer.

Customer Case Example

Intelligent machine tools with constant status monitoring.

View the video on Industry 4.0

Seminar Materials

TAIYO KOKI PRIVATE SHOW 2016 Technical Seminar
CELOS & Industry 4.0

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