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Elliott Group

Feeling benefits of “visualization”
Unexpected, advantageous effects
brought by the visualization product! [Part 1]


Mr. Masahiro Kashiwai, General Manager at the Production & Procurement Division ,Production Engineering Department (left), Satoshi Matsuda at the Production & Procurement Division, Process Innovation Section, Takashi Yamakawa, Manager at Production Process Division, Production Engineering Department, Machining & Assembly Section、EBARA Corporation (right)

The Elliot Group has a factory in Chiba Prefecture. They specialize in designing and manufacturing of compressor turbines and cut large workpieces in-house in high-mix, low-volume production. Recently, they have promoted the use of automation systems to achieve high-quality machining “with less time and care.” “But we had never been able to measure the effectiveness or get tips for improvement from it,” recalls Mr. Masahiko Kashiwai, General Manager at the Production Engineering Department.

We asked Mr. Kashiwai about three things he learned after introducing the DMG MORI’s visualization tool “DMG MORI Messenger.

Three advantageous effects of the visualization tool
  • Less time to figure out operation hours, and more time to think about how to make the most of the collected data
  • Able to check cutting time and setup time of each equipment at a glance and to figure out what to be improved
  • Easy to aggregate alarm history to identify abnormality based on alarm frequency before possible breakdown

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