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Tips on machining vol. 23
3 easy ways to avoid deflection and chatter vibrations of low-rigidity workpiece【Face milling】

  • Chatter prevention
  • Milling

Every day our customers invest a lot of efforts to machine workpiece with complex and diverse geometries. Recently, there is a growing demand to machine thin and low-rigidity workpiece with long overhang, for example frames of casing parts that are prone to deflection and chatter vibrations.
Reducing cutting resistance is one of the ways to avoid deflection and chatter vibrations. However, if you apply lower feed rate and lower cutting depth to minimize cutting resistance, it will result in lower machining performance. On the contrary, you can avoid chatter vibrations with the same face milling performance by applying one of the following 3 methods:

A sample workpiece of casing frame

3 methods to avoid chatter vibrations while maintaining the machining performance

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