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What Can Shop Floor Digitalization Do?
“Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs!”

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Today our society and industries are marching towards digitalization, yet we still have a lot of analog work in our workplace. Maintenance of equipment can be one of them. Many of you may still manage a maintenance schedule and history in the book. In reality, most of small and medium-sized enterprises do not have an in-company division specialized for equipment maintenance, and machining operators have to do maintenance work for their machines.

Regular maintenance that is easy to slip your mind – don’t you have such a problem?

When is the next periodical maintenance? How many days remain until the parts need replacement? Intervals of periodical parts maintenance vary. Some need an inspection once in every 50 hours, and others require a part replacement once in a few years. For example, coolant needs to be replaced every 500 hours, and NC batteries every year. The number of replacements of parts, from small to large, that requires regular maintenance is enormous. The maintenance of equipment is not so difficult if it is only for one machine, however, the management work load should grow as the number of machines increases. When you have to check dozens of machines, mistakes do happen, and regular maintenance can be left forgotten.

In many of small and medium-sized enterprises, machines are individually managed by the machine operators. In that case, maintenance is more likely to be dependent on the operators. So it will be difficult to centrally collect and understand information about equipment maintenance, which makes it harder for shop owners to collectively carry out maintenance. As a result, various problems can occur – a machine comes to a sudden stop because regular maintenance was missed, or there is no necessary part available at the time of maintenance.

Efficient maintenance by digitalization!
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