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What Can Shop Floor Digitalization Do?
“More hints for improvements!”

  • Digitalization
  • Software
  • Productivity improvement
  • Operation monitoring (visualization)
  • IoT

Boosting equipment operation rate is a common need of every shop owners. Some may feel that achieving further efficiency is impossible in busy everyday shop operation. But the truth may be that you are not seeing how much your shop equipment is actually “working.” Visualization of the whole process as well as the achievement leads to a perfect solution to real shop issues. The IoT technology – one of the most attention drawing technologies in the machine tool manufacturing field now – can visualize every production process and operation.

How does a machine tool operate from early in the morning until the end of the working hours at night when machine power is turned off. You can see how many workpieces have been produced in a day, but is a machine in operation all the time during the working hours? Technically it is not because operators have setups and some other work to do, and there is also non-cutting time such as alarm-caused machine stop. The non-cutting time amounts every day, and it is not easy to figure out the total sum only with operators’ experience and intuition.

Visualization tool gives a tip for boosting productivity

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