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A Core Competence to Succeed in Machine Tool Business

Author Masahiko Mori,President, Dr. Eng.
Date of release July,2007

Recently, the machine tool industry has been doing well. Thanks to an increasingly efficient supply chain, countries with top GDP have started to return to domestic production. Also the expected growth in demand for industrial products has caused population growth, which is improving the standard of living in developing countries. Thus, machine tool demand on a global base intends to increase. In every business, the most important tasks are “production increase” and “product quality”. To comply with this task, the machine tool industry is requiring higher accuracy and higher productivity levels then before. In recent years, production systems have needed to shorten lead time through CAD/CAM, production preparation, machining, measurement, and quality checking to improve operation rates. This has been accomplished not only by simply improving machining speed, but also increasing operating ratio by high quality and high efficiency production, thus covering the lack of skilled engineers. Major important issues for the machine tool industry are appropriate machining range and size, to improve credibility of our product, and to support long-term stability without problem, etc, for our customers, machine tools are the source of production activity. Therefore, we can say the machine tool is “Capital” because it is the origin of producing wealth.

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