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Nakahara Works Co., Ltd.

Ask the Master of
“Parts Machining” x “5-axis Control Machine” Vol.2
Business expansion achieved through “Inbound” business strategy. What is “Outbound” business strategy which Nakahara Works aims at next?


Japan’s first collaborative 5-axis machining seminar with DMG MORI

At the beginning of August 2018, private 5-axis machining lessons by DMG MORI took place at Nakahara Works’ factory. Manufacturers in and around Okayama Prefecture who were considering introducing 5-axis machines participated in the event to have hands-on experience of the latest 5-axis control machining center offered by DMG MORI. At the seminar, Nakahara Works gave advice to the participants as a user of 5-axis machines. “Not all types of machining operations can be handled only with a 5-axis machine.Once you come and see our shop floor, we are confident you will be able to understand how to utilize a 5-axis machine in the whole manufacturing process.” President Kenichi Nakahara emphasizes.This was the first opportunity for DMG MORI to hold a hands-on seminar at a user company’s shop floor. President Nakahara, driven by his sincere desire to help expand the use of 5-axis machines throughout Japan, was willing to offer his shop floor for the event. DMG MORI will continue to hold such collaborative hands-on seminars twice a month.

Tatsuya Omori, a leader, operating the DMU 50 3rd Generation

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