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Masterpiece in the world #31
High-precision small parts measuring unit Optoflash
Achieving 100 static measurements in only two seconds

  • On-machine measuring system
  • Peripherals
  • Small workpieces

Measuring equipment plays a major role in production processes to ensure product quality. It allows manufacturers to measure multiple machined workpieces with the same standards to check if they have been machined according to the drawings. However, a general CMM takes more than 15 minutes to measure one small shaft; that is, it takes considerable time to measure all pieces.Moreover, a general CMM is unable to measure an area which a contact probe cannot physically reach. The Optoflash from Marposs is the perfect solution for such issues. The Optoflash is a high-precision measuring unit designed for small shafts and can conduct 100 static measurements in as fast as two seconds.

Sensing technology for overwhelming measuring speed and significant reduction in measuring time

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