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Rotary Pallet Storage SystemRPS SYSTEM

Unmatched Reliability Highly Dependable Automation System

Having a compact and simple structure, RPS is the best solution for customers who have not been able to install automation systems due to space limitations in their shops, or those hesitate to automate their production because of the negative image of automation: complicated.
DMG MORI with long and proven experience in automation systems provides the optimal automation solution for your needs.

Reference price

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Technical advantages of RPS

Space-saving: Installation area 1/6*
It allows you to establish an efficient automation system in far less space than other automation systems.
Long-term unmanned operation
With a capability of long-term automatic operation, the system allows you to save on labor costs, for example, by conducting unmanned operation at night or on weekends.
Shorter installation lead time
Thanks to its integrated construction, the system can be installed in a short time.

* When RPS21 is compared with 20LPP

Incredibly Compact
Maximize Efficient Use of Factory Space

RPS (Rotary Pallet Storage) features outstanding space-saving and setup capabilities, and can hold more pallets per unit area than any other pallet pool system.

Comparison of operating rates and productivity

In order to help you understand the RPS’s features, we have conducted a simulation comparing operating ratios and productivity under the same production conditions.

We are making the comparison under the following operating conditions.
<Cycle time / 1 pc.>
881 sec. × 4,000 pcs. ≒ 979 hours (3,524,000 sec.) / month
When machining 4 kinds of workpieces at the same time.
Material <JIS>: A5052 (Aluminum)
JIS: Japanese Industrial Standard
Number of tools used: 9 tools

RPS’s features

RPS is an ideal solution for low-cost, space-saving automation.

RPS: Rotary Pallet Storage

Simple and Easy Operation with CELOS

Setup operation is now possible not only with the conventional handy controller, but with CELOS on the machine.
The use of CELOS also allows operation and management of both the machine and RPS.
Featuring a large touch screen, CELOS offers intuitive operation just like a smartphone.
PALLET MANAGER, one of CELOS applications, ensures hassle-free operations and shorter setup times.


* MAPPS V function, available for NHX 4000 3rd Generation, NHX 5000 3rd Generation and NHX 5500 2nd Generation

Easy check of pallet status on CELOS
  • Displays the entire system layout in an easy-to-see manner
  • Able to check the latest pallet status and shorten setup time
  • Able to transfer pallets by drag and drop of the pallet icon on the screen
Tool check to prevent troubles in advance
  • Automatically identifies and displays tools that are
    not suitable for machining by central tool management
  • Prevents machining failure and troubles caused by tool breakage
  • Improves productivity by minimizing problem-caused rework
High flexibility to accommodate production changes
  • Able to assign information on multiple
    workpieces to a single pallet
  • Easy production adjustment /
    rescheduling on CELOS to respond
    flexibly to sudden schedule changes or urgent requests

CELOS: Control Efficiency Lead Operation System
MAPPS: Mori Advanced Programming Production System