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Modular robot systemMATRIS

No Programming Required!
New Robot System MATRIS

DMG MORI has developed an all-new robot system MATRIS that requires no special knowledge for its operation based on the wealth of experience and expertise DMG MORI has cultivated over the years.
With modularized peripherals, a robot and MATRIS controller, a dedicated system to connect peripherals and machines, MATRIS eliminates complex program editing and achieves easy system setups on a simple operation screen.

Reference price

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Advantages of MATRIS

  • Typical systems available as pre-defined packages
  • Standardized peripherals ensure easy customization to meet your specific needs
  • Flexibly accommodate system changes even after installation
  • Simple and easy programming with MATRIS controller
  • DMG MORI provides the same maintenance and support as machines
  • DMG MORI-certified selected peripherals with superior reliability, quality and performance

Modularized Peripherals for
Shortest Robot System Installation / Change Time

All units (peripherals) that make up the robot system, including a transfer unit, workpiece stocker and on-machine measuring system, have been modularized to standardize their sizes.
This allows system installation in the shortest time as well as flexible layout change according to changes in production requirements, which used to be difficult to achieve.

At the time of system installation

System construction lead time reduced by 80%

  • The oil pan and the robot base are of integral construction, so no oil pan setup is necessary
  • Consisting of modularized units, the system requires neither sequence check nor system control check at the installation site

At the time of system change

System down-time reduced by over 60%

  • The oil pan and the robot base are of integral construction, so no oil pan setup is necessary
  • Consisting of modularized units, the system requires neither sequence check nor system control check at the installation site


System down-time reduced by over 60%

  • Bring shortest system installation / change time, faster production startup and greater productivity
  • Faster startup and easier setup with standardized robot programs
  • Advanced training on robot programming and operation not required*

* Completion of basic training required by law is necessary.

Structure of robot system

MATRIS controller –
Perfect Solution for Automation Systems

MATRIS controller is a system that connects machines with various peripherals and robots via network to integrate monitoring, scheduling and production management.
The system solves issues about installation of automated systems, such as connections with peripherals and the system management and costs.

  • Easy-to-see screen to monitor operation status of the entire system
  • Easy-to-see screen layout enables operators to view all necessary information at a time
  • Compact design contributes to space saving
  • Provide common user interface with CELOS / MAPPS V for smooth and efficient operation
  • Employ the MAPPS operation panel to offer the same long-term maintenance support as the machine

CELOS: Control Efficiency Lead Operation System
MAPPS: Mori Advanced Programming Production System

[Effective use of accumulated data]

MATRIS controller is able to output the information
below to USB in CSV format as operation history.

History of measuring results
Output the information recorded as workpiece measuring results
Manual operation
Output the operation history of the operation mode switch
(on line, off line) and the manual operation button
Transfer command
Output the history of transfer operation by MATRIS controller
Operation history by workpiece
Information about workpiece transfer and status
(in progress, finished or being machined)
Operation history by order
Output the number of finished / poorquality /
status unknown products by order
  • History of measuring results
    (CSV-formatted data)
  • System monitor screen
    Check transfer status on a screen that displays the equipment as they are actually arranged
  • Schedule screen
    Check existing orders, set the setup work and create new jobs

Innovative job management

MATRIS controller has the function for managing the operation on a job order basis,
so you can change the settings and operation on your own.

[Flow for creating new jobs]