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In-machine travelling type robotIMTR

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The NTX 1000 2nd Generation provides various automation systems including in-machine travelling robot and workpiece unloaders. With automation systems, it is possible to handle a whole process from blank workpieces to finished products. Reduction in non-cutting times maximizes customer profit.

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In-machine travelling type robot (Option)

Robot loads material into spindle 1 and unloads finished workpiece from spindle 2 (Option). Additionally robot can manage different shapes of workpieces, washing and deburing as well.


Robot package (Option)

The robot carries a workpiece on a tray to the inside of the machine to attach it to the spindle, and then receives a machined workpiece from the spindle to return it to a tray. The tray can be manually put in and taken out from the stocker, making continuous machining possible.

  • ● Machine appearance varies depending on the specification.
  • Stores a machined part, picks up a material
  • Detaches a machined part, attaches a material