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Masterpiece in the World #4
Floating clamp fit for difficult-to-fix, complex-shaped and large workpieces

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As a clamp height needs to be considered when a workpiece is clamped, workpieces should follow the height. Although thin and complex-shaped workpieces are recently on the increase, conventional clamps may distort a thin area. However, without clamping, workpieces become unstable, which can lead to machining trouble.
When small lot products or prototypes are clamped by a dedicated fixture during machining, a thin area of such workpieces can be distorted unless the fixture is well-designed. As dedicated fixtures need to be made for workpieces every time, it not only takes time and cost, but also requires advanced technique for making them.
Here, we introduce the “floating clamp” that can solve such clamping issues.

≪Contents of this article≫
・Features of floating clamp
・Use example: Aircraft industry in the U.S.

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