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Masterpiece in the world #34
Gripping accuracy of 0.01 mm T.I.R. or less!
No jaw reshaping required – Kitagawa’s next-generation standard chuck “BR series” and T nut “Tnut-Plus”

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When a standard chuck is used to clamp a workpiece, the jaws can be lifted. As attaching and detaching soft jaws decreases gripping accuracy, the jaws require reshaping after re-attached.Kitagawa’s next-generation standard chuck “BR series” and an optional T nut “Tnut – Plus” give a solution to such a problem and contribute to a drastic increase in gripping accuracy.

Background of development of highly accurate, large-diameter through hole hollow power chuck “BR series”
Taking on challenge to drastically improve basic performance of standard chuck

“BR series” with rounded corners and beautiful design

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