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Masterpiece in the World #25
SAFE-LOCK with pull-out protection mechanism for end mill shank

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Spiral-shaped grooves prevent slip and pull-out of a tool even during heavy-duty cutting.
Adjustable overhang length for regrinding

In the past, a sidelock holder which secures an end mill shank was the only way to prevent the tool from pulling out or slipping during heavy-duty cutting of heatproof alloys or the like. However, with the sidelock holder, the shank is fastened at one end with bolts, causing unstable run-out accuracy and tool balance, which makes it difficult for operators to increase cutting conditions. Moreover, in the wedge-shaped or pin-type pull-out protection mechanism, tool overhang is shortened every time grinding is performed, which necessitates program changes.

Then, HAIMER has developed the SAFE-LOCK as an advanced system for pull-out protection and to improve run-out accuracy and tool balance. The SAFE-LOCK has received a high evaluation from customers. It passed a 64 Titanium cutting test conducted by Boeing.

The structure highly resistant to slipping and pull-out force

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