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Masterpiece in the world #23
World premiere!
A high-precision non-contact tool measuring system with line sensor to measure tools at rotation

  • Tool
  • On-machine measuring system

There are 3 types of tool measurement - contact, laser point, and image types, and all of them have weak points. In contact type measurement, it is not possible to measure the tool diameter including runout, and sometimes tool is broken by the pressure caused by contact with the measuring unit. In non-contact type measurement, measurement points are limited to those of laser irradiation. In image type measurement, it takes time for measuring and data transfer. The line sensor type measurement solves all these problems. Big Daishowa’s non-contact tool measuring system with line sensor “Dyna Line” is the best solution for faster and more precise tool measurement.

Superfine and wide-range: 1.2μm (Z-axis) × 3.2mm (X-axis) and 1.2μm line width

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