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Masterpiece in the world #21
A multiple purpose fixture system with integrated machine vise and sub-table for maximum usage of the machining area

  • Fixture/chuck

Built-in vise

A machine vise clamps and fixes a workpiece from both sides regardless of its shape. This general applicability makes it an often-used tool for many different machining processes. However, a conventional machine vise makes the machining area smaller, because it is mounted on the table. This is why NABEYA Co., LTD. and DMG MORI jointly developed a “built-in vise” by integrating the vise into the table to solve this problem. This innovative multiple purpose fixture system enables maximum usage of the machining area.

Extension of the machining area by 60% in Z-axis and by 74% in Y-axis
direction, leading to 2.7 times more machining volume.

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