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Masterpiece in the world #17
Automatic jig transfer system – robot transfer of high-mix workpieces on vise to achieve unmanned operation during nights and holidays

  • Automation
  • Robot system
  • Fixture/chuck

Improving in machine operation rate and productivity should be a crucial issue to many of you in responding to work style reform and a labor shortage due to aging society.

Although automation is one of the effective ways as the solution, we have another issue that automated machines are not suited for high-mix production.

On the background, the “Neo grip (robot transfer)” of Nabeya was developed. The Neo grip is a vise system for automated machining that automatically transfers vise (Neo grip) on which a workpiece is set, and handles machining of high-mix workpieces.

Transfer a workpiece on the vise
Capable of handling varieties of workpiece shapes only by the replacement of a mouthpiece

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