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Masterpiece in the world # 2
Centering vise optimal for 5-axis machines to achieve high-speed and stable machining of varieties of materials and shapes with high accuracy and rigidity.

  • 5-axis Machining Centers
  • Fixture/chuck

There has been an increasing number of customers who use 5-axis machines to achieve highly efficient machining of complex-shaped and difficult-to-cut materials. Highly efficient machining requires workpiece centering and quick setup changes of workpieces with different shapes, but high-accuracy setting of vises takes time in some cases.

A lack of vise rigidity can lead to substandard machining accuracy when workpieces with a high degree of hardness are machined, so it is important to reduce gripper margins as small as possible and to effectively use costly materials. To handle such challenging issues, we introduce the “MC-PZ,” a centering vise for 5-axis machining centers developed by Hilma of Germany.

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