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Masterpiece in the World #15
Compact, yet powerful holding force!
Centering vise specialized for 5-axis machines

  • 5-axis Machining Centers
  • Fixture/chuck

One of the problems of using 5-axis machining centers is that the conventional vises are too large. It is not unusual that some vises are as wide as a machine table. If vises are big, it is impossible to attach multiple vises to the table and perform no-man operation during night.
Vises generally do not hold workpieces at the center. It is mostly a cantilever holding, so machining areas are limited. If vises are tall, it can interfere with tools, which limits machining area even more.
A compact and short centering vise is most suitable to increase time for machining and expands machining area. The “KONTEC KSC,” a centering vise for 5-axis control machines with powerful holding force, was developed by Schunk of Germany as an ideal vise.

Powerful holding force for difficult-to-cut materials even when workpieces are held shallowly

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