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Masterpiece in the world #11
Machining program for each hole
Automated on-machine back deburring with point coordinate data and dedicated cutters

  • Automation
  • Deburring

If you deburr holes on a machine with a brush after drilling, you may have a problem of insufficient grinding force and difficulty in approaching the holes. With a cutter, it was still impossible to finish edges of complex-shaped workpieces at a high quality level.
With such a background, the “XEBEC back burr cutter and path” was developed by XEBEC to achieve high-quality on-machine back deburring in a highly efficient manner.

The“XEBEC back burr cutter and path”provides a cutter specialized for back deburring (XEBEC back burr cutter) and the machining program for NC machine tools (XEBEC back burr cutter path). The product not only performs back deburring, but controls generation of the secondary burrs. It also ensures high-quality edges as the machining width is uniform.

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