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Technology Cycles:Shaping Cycles




Machining of Various Gears

With DMG MORI gearMILL, gear machining can be performed with general-purpose end mills or cutters on a single 5-axis machining center, which used to be done on more than one machine including a specialized machine using specialized tools such as hob cutters or pinion cutters. Operators can easily create a series of programs that include setting of gear specifications and tools to be used on a PC, achieving machining of various types of gears efficiently.

Main Applicable models

  • DMU/DMC monoBLOCK series
  • DMU/DMC(FD)duoBLOCK series
  • DMU eVo series
  • NLX、NZX、NVX、NHX、NTX series

Background of Development

Power units used for automobiles, construction machinery, aircrafts, and wind-power generation have made advances in functionality and energy saving. As a result, there arises a demand for high-functionality gears which are light-weight, compact, high-accuracy and low-vibration in the fields. Gears are generally produced with more than one machine tool including a specialized machine such as a hobbing machine and a broaching machine. The issues are that it takes time to complete a whole machining process because each process has an idle time, and that the production calls for an investment in multiple machines. DMG MORI has developed DMG MORI gearMILL in order to tackle such issues and achieve gear machining on a single machine.

Unique Selling Points


DMG MORI gearMILL can be used on a PC* like CAM software, and supports modeling, generation of tool paths and measurement. Setting gear specifications and tools to be used generates tool paths of various gears including double-helical gears, bevel gears (straight gears, helical gears, spiral gears) and hypoid gears in addition to spur gears and helical gears. The Technology Cycle can flexibly handle various types of machining as it uses general-purpose tools instead of expensive specialized tools. DMG MORI gearMILL is available on most of the DMG MORI 5-axis machines.

  • *Windows 7 Professional or later versions (32 or 64 bit)

2.Process Integration

Gear machining generally requires more than one machine, for example, a turning center and a machining center, and a gear machine. With DMG gearMILL, a single 5-axis machine can complete a workpiece, which contributes to reducing a number of machines. What’s more, elimination of setups shortens an idle time, resulting in 20% reduction of machining time according to the DMG MORI study. It drastically improves productivity per unit area.

3.Reduction in Programming Time

Operators can set information such as gear forms and sizes while checking the graphics on a PC. As inputting parameters does not require any special skills, the programs can be created in a short time.

Automatic calculation of gear forms

Display of gear meshing

Process Integration and Reduced Machining Time

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