Our Technology

Here are the DMG MORI's world-leading,
advanced machine tool technologies.

  • Industry 4.0
  • Technology Cycle
  • Additive  Manufacturing
  • Self-manufacture


Industry 4.0

No. 1 share in the world through realization of "Smart Factory"

"Industry 4.0" - a major movement which has swept the industrial world with the notion of IoT (Internet of Things) that everything is connected with the Internet. DMG MORI began to work on the topic early in an effort to improve operation efficiency of machine tools through remote maintenance, operation status management and accurate failure prediction for every machine in motion at DMG MORI factories all over the world by use of networking, software and sensors.

DMG MORI aims to provide customers with support not only for a machine itself, but also hardware and software relating to the machine. DMG MORI’s competitive edge lies in its technologies of the new era that can realize “Smart Factory (thinking factory).” It enables management of every system including the DMG MORI’s new operating system “CELOS” that handles big data inside and outside the company and automation systems essential for unmanned operation via network.


Technology Cycle

Total Solution that Combines Four Elements
- Complex machining easily completed in a short time -

DMG MORI's Technology Cycles are new solutions integrating four elements: 1. Machine tool body, 2. Cutting tools and peripheral equipment as Open Innovation, 3. Embeddd software, 4. HMI (Human Machine Interface) such as CELOS. Technology Cycles enable easy and quick start of machining operation and high-quality cutting performance. Machining, setups and measurement which used to be done with specialized machines, programs and tools can now be performed with general-purpose machine tools and standard tools & fixtures. DMG MORI provides customers with the total solution that combines machine tools with peripheral equipment & software.


Additive Manufacturing

Free ideas leading to infinite possibility "Hybrid machining" changes the world

Additive manufacturing - defined synonymously with 3D printing in general - is the technology that metal power is fused by laser radiation and deposited into an object based on 3D model data.

DMG MORI succeeded in completing a product by machining a workpiece immediately after it is formed by laser metal deposition. This had been impossible to achieve with one machine. We combined years of accumulated cutting-edge machining techniques with additive manufacturing technologies ahead of the times to develop a hybrid machine.

The DMG MORI's hybrid techniques free designers and engineers from the restriction of design, cost and efficiency issues in the conventional "manufacturing process" and allow them to think outside the box, expanding the possibility of innovation.



Elaborate manual work on a 1/1000 mm scale supports DMG MORI's high precision.

DMG MORI machine tools have metal surfaces called slideways which come in contact with one another and move. The slideways are very important factor for machine accuracy. A slideway surface repeatedly slides over the other surface, which requires smooth movement. What’s essential for such a slideway travel is a technique called “scraping” that a metal surface is scraped with a scraper by a skilled technician. The precisely scraped slideways have smooth surfaces to the limit, and a number of ultra-small pockets made on the surface retain lubricating oil to help protect the slideway surfaces. The smooth and “non-stress” slideways mounted on a machine contributes to bringing out the best in a machine tool performance. The DMG MORI machines are not only equipped with the cutting-edge technologies, but also supported by skilled engineers with years of experience.



Simpler, smarter and deeper connection between factories and offices via "CELOS"

The “CELOS,” the DMG MORI-developed next-generation interface, was evolved from an NC control panel. It is a tool that simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product.

The multi-touch monitor of the “CELOS” enables intuitive operation with one-touch to the application menu. It is also possible to establish the network system between machine tools and in-company systems through the “CELOS.” With the Job Manager (Job Assistant) and JOB Scheduler functions, operators can centrally manage production plans, progress status and schedules. The “MAPPS V,” a high performance smart operation system mounted on the “CELOS,” offers various functions: the conversational automatic programming function that enables operators to create the programs easily by simply following guidance and inputting the data; the sensor information function that monitors the sensor information and checks machine information such as temperature of the hydraulic equipment and the oil chiller; the tool management system that supports efficient machining; and other functions that easily controls machine operation.

DMG MORI promotes “Industry 4.0” that connects the production environments via network through the “CELOS.”



"In-production" of units with the highest precision and the industry-leading core technologies

It is a machine tool that produces varieties of parts which are the sources of all products. In the machine tool industry, we are always required to be conscious of the next-generation products in pursuit of product development and production system that meet the market needs.

DMG MORI is working on "in-company production" with shorter product development times in mind as well as quality improvements and shorter delivery times. For example, the Iga Campus Heat Treatment Plant, the Sheet Metal Plant and the Casting Plant established in 2005 and 2006 are contributing greatly to shortening lead times and prototype development times.

Moreover, we self-manufacture ball screws, which is uncommon among machine tool manufactures, and built the Spindle Plant where a whole production process from part machining to assembly and inspection can be conducted, in an effort to promote “in-company production” of the main components that have a significant influence on the precision of machine tools.

We shorten product development times by self-manufacturing prototypes and quickly provide customers with products that meet their needs -- DMG MORI is going to challenge the possibility of "in-house production" to win the trust from customers and provide them with great satisfaction.