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Masterpiece in the world #32
RMP600 touch probe incorporating two patented technologies
Boosting profit by high-speed, high-accuracy, stable workpiece measurement

  • On-machine measuring system
  • Peripherals
  • Small workpieces

Workpiece measurement is a crucial process that has a significant impact on machining accuracy. However, the process, if performed manually, can be time-consuming and cause operation errors. Moreover, measurement accuracy largely depends on skills of operators.
Automation of measurement is an effective solution for such problems but is not perfect; it also takes time to measure complex-shaped workpieces and tends to have problems such as radio wave interference and decreased measurement accuracy resulting from deflection caused by long styli. The RMP600 high-accuracy touch probe from Renishaw is a perfect solution for these issues and of great help in boosting profitability.

Superb 3D performance realized by the patented RENGAGE™ technology

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