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Masterpiece in the World #27
Maintenance free and no running cost!
Cyclone type elementless filter with three-layer structure

  • Coolant
  • Chip disposal

Coolant used for cutting and grinding is generally recycled after filtered to remove chips. However, when filtration is not done properly and coolant is contaminated, it can lower machining speed, or at the worst, stop machines or damage expensive equipment. Keeping coolant clean all the time is a very important factor and key to enhancing productivity and product quality.
Of all the types of filters, which one is most suitable?
Filters with elements (filter medium) can have clogging problems, and it takes more time and cost to use them because filter elements need to be purchased and replaced. Decrease in the processing flow rate and unstable isolation efficiency caused by clogging inevitably occurs. Moreover, filter elements can become industrial waste after use, which requires huge disposal costs and has harmful effect on the global environment. An alternative that can mostly clear these issues is a general cyclone type filter. But even the cyclone type cannot avoid the decrease in the processing flow rate.
The elementless filter “FILSTAR” of industria Co., Ltd. is developed based on the new concept of a cyclone type filter with a three-layer structure. It ensures free maintenance and lasting filtering performance as well as solving the conventional issues.

Example of cost reduction by three zeros

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