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Masterpiece in the World #24
POWER CLAMP - Shrink fit machine for tool holders
Achieves rapid heating/cooling while causing no holder wear

  • Tool Presetter

Tooling that includes a shrink fit holder generally consists of a minimum number of components to maintain the tool balance, achieving one of the highest run-out accuracy levels in tooling. However, a shrink fit machine has a large heating area and thus requires long heating time, causing the tool and holder flanges to be heated, which may lead to deterioration in holder accuracy and tool coating as well as increased risk of burn injury. Such deterioration becomes more significant when the shrink fit machine is used repeatedly. As a result, lower run-out accuracy and gripping force are observed. The POWER CLAMP, a shrink fit machine from HAIMER, is the perfect solution for these issues.

Quickly and properly heats and cools only necessary areas with induction coils

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