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Tips on machining vol.9
How to make good use of water-soluble coolant
-Water-soluble coolant is a living creature-

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With a recent trend in the shop floor towards faster machining for costs reduction, coolant is required to have a cooling capability in addition to a lubricating property. Before, water-soluble coolant, which boasts a good cooling capability, was inferior to water-insoluble coolant in lubricating property. However, the use of water-soluble coolant is on the rise due to its improved lubricating property achieved with additives and its lower fire risk than the water-insoluble type.

Water-soluble coolant is a living creature. Its deterioration causes many problems including lower cutting performance; rust on a product/machine tool; shorter tool life; unusual odor caused by decomposition; and health damage. So, many of you may find it difficult to handle and manage water-soluble coolant. Actually, we are often asked for advice about coolant handling, and there was a case where coolant in the tank foamed, which increased its volume and caused overflow into the factory floor.

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