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ERGOline X with CELOS X


ERGOline X with CELOS X

Equipment with a variety of useful applications to digitize your entire shopfloor and maximize your productivity

“ERGOline X with CELOS X” is a new HMI (Human Machine Interface) for higher manufacturing productivity by smooth operation and Digital Transformation (DX).
ERGOline X is an operation panel with three main components – a wide screen touch panel, HYBRID BAR, and hardware buttons. The upper panel has a wide, capacitive touch screen like a smartphone. The reaction speed has been improved from the previous model. Operators can use the touch panel even with hand protection gloves. HYBRID BAR automatically indicates the necessary functions according to the operation scenarios. This function prevents human errors and makes the operation easier. The hardware buttons on the lower panel are anti-dust, water-proofed and have durable structure. All buttons are easy to push and enable accurate program input.CELOS X is software where customers can implement applications for machining preparation, production, monitoring and after service. CELOS X facilitates DX of production sites. Like a smartphone, customers can update the system and use applications that are released after initial purchase.
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