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Our health monitoring service detects signs of failure early on, and can significantly reduce downtime

WALC CARE is a health monitoring service that periodically and predictively diagnoses abnormalities in machine tool spindles and feed shafts, and provides reporting functionality to discover signs of failure early on, allowing you to perform preventative maintenance and reduce machine downtime.
WALC CARE can be used to bring DX to maintenance activities, so that machine tools can continue to be used in normal working order longer, improving productivity and helping to realize a sustainable society.

Main applicable models

  • 5-axis Machining Centers DMU/DMC series, INH series, NMV series, NMH series
  • Multi-axis Machines NTX series
  • Machining Centers NVX series, NHX series, CMX series, i series
  • Turning Centers NZX series

Main benefits

(1) Predictively diagnoses spindle and feed shaft abnormalities to detect abnormalities early on and reduce failure downtime

WALC CARE makes diagnosis easy. Machine status data is stored in the WALC cloud in order to conduct accurate analysis, allowing signs of failure to be detected early on.
Diagnosis results can also be checked using a dedicated web application.

WALC CARE Web application screen

Web application screen (shaft analysis results)

(2) Quick installation

WALC CARE can be easily installed to existing machine tools using the special WALC CARE KIT. Setup takes less than an hour. Once setup is complete, simply run the provided NC program to diagnose the machine immediately.

WALC CARE Installed on machine

Installed on machine (INH 63)

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