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Chip Breaking


New Technology Cycle against Chip Troubles

Chips are broken into small pieces to eliminate chip problems.“Chip Breaking” is the perfect solution for cutting chip-caused troubles and frees customers from redundant chip removal work, thus drastically reducing time and cost.

Main Applicable models

  • NLX series
  • NTX series
  • NZX series

Chip Comparison

Unique selling points

1. Effective break up of cutting chips during machining

  • Feed axis vibration in synch with spindle rotation to break up chips
  • Chip length adjustable by setting different vibration frequencies per spindle rotation
  • No coolant needed for chip break up

2. Applicable to various processes and materials

  • Available for grooving, drilling, outer/inner diameter machining and others
  • Effectively breaks up long chips from resin, pure copper and pure aluminum as well
    • * Only vibration in 1 axial direction can be machined.

3. Easy programming with interactive guidance

  • 80% shorter programming time
  • Possible to predict in-process vibration and confirm safe cutting conditions
  • Automatic control of cutting conditions to suppress excessive vibrations

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