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Machining:Coolant Oil

SMART-HPC High-pressure Coolant Unit


The pioneer of high-pressure coolant systems

SMART-HPC is a high-pressure coolant system that adopts a high-pressure plunger pump. When the high-pressure coolant reaches the machining point, the cooling effect and coolant pressure create a “wedge effect” that effectively separates swarf and chips. The cooling effect increases machining speed as well as reduces tool wear. Available in a pressure lineup of 7 MPa, 10 MPa, 14 MPa, 20 MPa, and 30 MPa.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer:TOKUPI(Japn)

Main features

1.Adopting TOKUPI’s high-pressure plunger pump

Fine ceramic plungers are characterized by their wear resistance and cater to longer product lives for the gaskets being used.

2.Space-saving design

The space-saving structure is optimal for automation manufacturing lines: 680 mm (W) x 770 mm (D) x 1,640 mm (H).

3.Easy maintenance

For maintenance, you only need to replace the pump head. It can be replaced while the unit is set in place, which minimizes the machine stop time.

4.High versatility

The SMART-HPC supports both turning centers and machining centers. It can also be attached to existing machines.

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