DMG MORI’s Strengths

Global Sales, Engineering, and Production Systems

Global Sales & Service network for providing machining technology

With 113 offices around the world, DMG MORI has established a customer-oriented sales and service structure unparalleled in the industry, and contributes to solving customer issues through high value proposals. 

Technological innovation to meet societal needs

By providing cutting-edge technology, we are responding to major societal changes such as in the quality of life, the shift to EVs (electric vehicles), and the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence). 

Software & IT-driven platform building

DMG MORI is building an integrated production platform to not only provide machines but also peripheral equipment and software worldwide. 

Headcount by occupation

Headcount by occupation

Engineering & Service Approx.7,200employees
Production Approx.4,800employees
Total Approx.12,000employees

A workforce of approximately 12,000 employees, with 7,200 in Engineering & Service and 4,800 in Production, is committed to resolving customer challenges.

Sales & Engineering

Sales & Engineering

With 113 offices in 88 countries, DMG MORI provides sales, engineering, after-service, and education to customers worldwide.

Production sites

Production sites

With production sites in Japan and overseas, including Iga campus as the largest site in the Group and Pfronten Factory in Germany, we are able to directly manufacture products in the areas of demand.

Diversity of DMG MORI

As a global company, DMG MORI actively promotes diversity across all its operations to ensure business stability, ranging from diverse customer industries, sales regions, and customer sizes to our internal workforce and production sites. We are continuously working towards maintaining a diverse business foundation.

Majority of Orders Stems From Process Integration and Advanced Machines

Against the backdrop of societal changes such as the shortage of engineers and operators and the rise of high-mix low-volume production, DMG MORI has effectively met customer demands for process-integration machines. This demand has notably surged since the 2010s. Consequently, process-integration machines, represented by 5-axis machines and mill-turn centers, have become the primary drivers of our order intake. DMG MORI will continue contributing to the automation and digital transformation of the manufacturing industry by delivering process-integration machines. 

  • NTX 500: New compact mill-turn center capable of highly complex machining

  • NZ-Platform: High-productivity mill-turn center equipped with up to 4 turrets

  • LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid : Hybrid machine for 5-axis additive manufacturing and mill-turn machining

  • DMC 65 H monoBLOCK FD: 5-axis control horizontal machining center for process integration

Balanced Industrial Base

DMG MORI’s products and services have been supporting customers in a diverse range of industries. These include traditional manufacturing sectors like agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and the energy industry, as well as cutting-edge growth sectors such as medical equipment, electric vehicles (EVs), aerospace, and semiconductors. We actively contribute to the development of an industrial society by sharing our machining expertise with customers in a wide range of industries and by cooperating closely to enhance their machining capabilities. 

Global Customer Base

The machine tool industry is inevitably susceptible to fluctuations in demand driven by unpredictable macroeconomic shifts and capital investment patterns. Nevertheless, DMG MORI is dedicated to ensuring the stability of its operations through its global customer base.

*Europe,Meddle East and Africa

DMG MORI aims to achieve sustainable growth by diversifying its customer base, expanding from established markets to emerging economies.

Diverse Customer Sizes

Among the more than 150,000 DMG MORI users, approximately 60% consist of companies with 100 employees or less. To ensure the stability of our sales revenue and profits, DMG MORI is committed to address a wide range of needs, working together with both small and large businesses.

*Approx.300,000 existing and potential locations

DMG MORI has accumulated great machining know-how from the rich relationships with a wide variety of customers. This expertise creates a virtuous cycle that enables us to provide even more sophisticated solutions to customers' problems. 

Multinational Workforce

The DMG MORI Group takes pride in its multinational workforce, which consists of approximately 12,000 employees from 59 different nationalities. Our team is characterized by its diversity in terms of language, gender, and field of expertise, and we are dedicated to cultivating a work environment built on mutual respect.

*59 nationalities

DMG MORI’s diverse employees are the driving force to capture customers’ needs and realize technological innovations. 

Global Network of Production Facilities

DMG MORI operates production facilities across multiple countries, including Japan, Germany, various European nations, the United States, China, and more.
This extensive network of production sites enables optimized delivery schedules and cost-effective transportation. In addition, the deliberate geographic distribution of our production facilities enhances our business resilience in the face of geopolitical uncertainties.


  • Iga Campus

    The largest production site in the world for turning centers, machining centers and mill-turn machines

  • Nara Campus

    The largest system solution factory in the world for machine tools


  • Pfronten factory

    The largest production site in the world for simultaneous 5-axis machines 
    Assembly of DMU / DMC and other series

  • Bielefeld factory

  • Seebach factory

  • Stipshausen factory


  • Bergamo factory

  • Tortona factory


  • Pleszew factory


  • Lakshmi (Production outsourcing)


  • Davis CA factory


  • Tianjin factory

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