DMG MORI is actively promoting Digital Transformation (DX) not only to assist our customers in their DX journey but also to enhance our internal business efficiency.

Digital Transformation in Design, Manufacturing and Quality

Roughly half a century has passed since the introduction of Numerical Control Units (CNC) around 1970. This was followed by the digitization of the design processes for machine tools and, subsequently, the digitization of the machine tool itself. Progress has been swift, and machine tools are keeping pace.
DMG MORI is actively embracing digital transformation across its design, manufacturing, and quality processes to speed up product development, increase productivity in manufacturing, and improve quality control.

Factory Digital Twin

Reproduce the operaring status of machines,robots and equipment in factory


Digital Twin Test Cuts


Digitization of measurement tasks

Expand utilization of digital measuring instruments (assembly)

Automation of measurement tasks in accuracy inspections, linkage with TULIP

  • Improved measurement accuracy by introducing digital measuring instruments and special jigs
  • Automatic input of measurement results by linking with TULIP

30 accuracy test measurement items

25 items can be measured automatically


Digital transformation in quality

Product Problem Reporting System
Detailed Report to the Factory for Investigation of the Real Cause and Take Corrective Measures/Parallel Development for Product Improvement PPR

Create a database of product defects and Share defect data quickly within the Company

1995 Started with paper-based system
2000 Dighired with workflow system
2016 Global introduction of PPR system

Digital Transformation in Marketing, Sales and Service

DMG MORI is advancing the digital transformation of all customer-relevant processes, whether they occur before or after the installation of machine tools. While direct customer contact remains important in the sales process for machine tools, we are also actively enhancing customer satisfaction by integrating digital tools with real-world interactions.

Digital transformation of all customer-relevant processes

Before installation

Digital Twin Showroom

Full CG (4k quality) replica of the Iga Global Solution Center, System Solution Center and Pfronten Factory

DMG MORI Digital Academy

Digital Classroom Lectures

  • Flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime
  • Compact lecture duration for minimized impact on work
  • Integrated tracking of learning progress and assessment tests

Process Planning Adviser: 100 Videos

E-learning service to explore and master machining process design

This e-learning service offers comprehensive explanations on process design for various workpieces and clamping methods, all presented in easy-to-understand 5-minute 3D videos.
  • Ideal for operator training following the introduction of 5-axis machines
  • Introduces machining and clamping know-how based on 5-axis indexing
  • Demonstrates the machining of 100 workpiece types through 3D videos

After installation

"TULIP" to Support Production Digitization

For improved productivity and quality of the entire shop floor

  • Shop-floor staff can create apps for immediate use
  • Collect and accumulate practical data and equipment information in real time

Customer Case Studies


The comprehensive service interface for customers

Digital Transformation of Training and Internal Communication

For efficient acquisition of knowledge and skills, DMG MORI is actively promoting the use of digital tools for training of customers' operators and DMG MORI engineers.
Moreover, we have established a unified global internal portal site to facilitate internal communication and information sharing. This ensures that all our employees, regardless of location or time, have equal access to information.

Digital Transformation of Training and Internal Communication

Engineer Training with DMG MORI Digital Academy

  • Training of high-skill engineers with a total of seven courses (five basic and two advanced)
  • e-learning  +   practical training for efficient skill acquisition

Basic (5 courses)

  • Machining Basic

  • Machining Center Basic

  • Turning Center Basic

  • 5-Axis Machining Basic

  • AM Entry

Advanced (2 courses)

  • Mill-turn Center Basic

  • Process Planning Adviser

In-house portal site connecting employees worldwide

  • New product information
  • Exhibitions and events in each country
  • Internal newsletters
  • Policy briefings
  • Work management, payroll information inquiries
  • Travel expense reimbursement

Health Information Portal (Japan)

To foster employee well-being and visualize crucial health information, with the goal of increasing employees' awareness of their health.

DMG MORI White Paper on Health and Safety(for internal use) 
Health Information Portal

  • Analysis of the results of physical checkups
  • Monitoring trends in health conditions
  • Response to COVID-19, etc.
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