Machining Transformation (MX)

Building a Sustainable Society

through MX
(Machining Transformation)

DMG MORI has continuously evolved its business model and enhanced its products and services in response to significant societal shifts that transpire each decade.
Today, we have become specialists in Machining Transformation (MX), providing advanced manufacturing solutions that begin with cutting-edge machine tools.
Through Process Integration and Automation, we are successfully advancing Green Transformation (GX) with the goal of creating efficient processes, optimizing resource management, and reducing CO2 emissions.


Digital TransformationOur comprehensive transformation is backed by our emphasis on Digital Transformation (DX) in every aspect of our operations, including design, production, quality management, marketing, sales, service, training, and internal communication.

Towards Continuous Value Creation

DMG MORI is committed to contribute to a more sustainable society through technological innovation.

Medium-term Business Plan (2023~2025)

Through Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green
Transformation (GX), we will deliver high-value products, systems, and services to our customers.

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