DMG MORI MX(Machining Transformation)

Machining Transformation(MX) means to use Digital Transformation(DX) to promote Process Integration and Automation, and finally realize Green Transformation (GX).

The 4 pillars of MX : Process Integration, Automation, GX,DX
Process Integration, Automation and GX are driven
by DMG MORI's DX Technology


Digital Transformation (DX) is vital for collecting, analyzing, and
visualizing data generated in all stages of Process Integration,
Automation, and GX through digital and AI technologies.
This feedback information helps to improve and optimize processes.

DMG MORI's Digital Solutions for Optimized Machining Processes

The entire processing cycle, consisting of planning, preparation, production, monitoring, and digital services, can be digitized and visualized to enhance productivity.


Installed on all DMG MORI machine tools, CELOS facilitates network connectivity and provides integrated CELOS Apps for flexible production design and schedule management directly on the machine or remote from the office PC.


(On-machine and PC)

Set process start and end times, create and edit operation schedules

(On-machine and PC)

Register workpiece information (drawings, materials, etc.)


DMG MORI's software solutions, such as "Technology Cycles" for easy and fast complex machining and "Celos Dynamic Post" for reliable CAM-to-NC program conversion, empower efficient machining preparation to achieve optimal results.


(On-machine and PC)

Connect remotely to CAD / CAM and simulate the machining operation on CELOS

(On-machine and PC)

Register cutting tools, clamping jigs, machining programs, work instructions, setup procedures, etc., and centrally manage workpiece information

Technology Cycles

(On-machine only)

Create and run complex machining programs easily and quickly

Create optimal machining programs
Tool Visualizer
Make contact-less and automatic tool measurements inside the machine


DMG MORI offers comprehensive solutions aimed at boosting production efficiency and enabling seamless automation. Our range of peripheral equipment effectively prevents problems caused by cutting chips, coolant, and mist, while our innovative "Non-Contact On-Machine Measuring System" enables precise workpiece measurements directly inside the machine tool.

Peripheral Equipment / Machining Solutions

AI Chip Removal:
For automatic and highly efficient removal of chips
Zero Sludge Coolant Tank:
For efficient collection of sludge inside the coolant tank
For efficient collection of fine mist caused during machining
Diverse selection of apps available for smooth machining operations
Non-Contact On-Machine Measuring System:
For precise workpiece measurement directly inside the machine


Connecting factory machines via a network and visualizing their operation status with DMG MORI MESSENGER, makes it possible to analyze the root cause of machine troubles and implement preventive maintenance measures.


(On-machine and PC)

  • Visualize the operation status of machines connected to the network
  • Review the alarm history and identify major causes of machine downtimes
  • Check the machine status at any time from anywhere with PC, tablet, or smartphone
IoT connector
  • Supports widely-used open communication methods (such as MTConnect, OPC UA, and MQTT)
  • Operated on dedicated computer to enhance the network reliability of machines

MTConnect is a trademark or registered trademark of The Association For Manufacturing Technology.
OPC UA is a trademark or registered trademark of the OPC Foundation.
MQTT is a trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.


(On-machine only)

Detects machine and machining problems at an early stage through various integrated sensors which analyze the machine movement

Platform to create apps for the shop floor


Extensive machine support after delivery is available via the digital customer portal "my DMG MORI".

CELOS Club provides software and services to support seamless digitization and boost productivity.

DX Initiatives to Support Machining Transformation (MX)

DMG MORI is actively promoting DX not only to assist our customers in their DX journey but also to enhance our internal business efficiency.

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