Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a cutting-edge technology that produces 3D forms by metal deposition, enabling repair of worn workpieces and machining of complex-shaped workpieces to which tools are physically difficult to be applied. DMG MORI provides two machine tools that adapt different technologies ahead of the world: powder nozzle and powder bed methods.

What's Additive manufacturing?

Powder nozzle method

In the powder nozzle method, metal powder is supplied from the nozzle, and laser is irradiated to the deposited powder to melt and sinter it.
The advantage of the method is that molding can be done in a short time because lamination and melting are done at the same time. This is suitable to lamination of different kinds of metal powder materials, and repair of complex-shaped and high value-added products such as impellers and blades.

Powder bed method

In the powder bed method, powder materials are deposited layer by layer, followed by laser irradiation to the deposited powder to melt the specified areas.
The method realizes precise forming and is suited for products and parts with a one-mold structure, and those manufactured from scratch. The machine has a small number of axes and simple structure, allowing space-saving machine design.