Mission Statement

As a global corporation continually striving to be the world's largest
and most respected international manufacturer of turning centers, machining centers,
mill-turn centers, grinders, additive manufacturing and process automation, we will:

Enable our customers to maximize their potential and excel in their respective markets by
continually striving to provide innovative, accurate, and trouble-free machines, automation systems, and digital technology at competitive prices;
Increase our customers' productivity and efficiency through our latest developments in technology as manifested
by our increasingly accurate and progressive manufacturing capabilities;
Support our customers with our knowledgeable and responsive sales, applications, and service personnel.

As befits a worldwide corporation, we will:

Foster a fair and open corporate culture, utilizing appropriate management initiatives;
Play hard and be dynamic to enrich our private lives, study continuously and be open to advance professional career, and work together and be innovative to bring innovation to workplace;
Respect each other's opinions and continually develop through friendly competition.

As profitability is a goal of all healthy business organizations
and in keeping with the true nature of the machine tool industry, we will:

Work to increase the value of our company, the investment of all shareholders knowledgeable
of the true nature of the machine tool industry and the prosperity of our partners;
Always remember that the pricing of our products and services is an integral factor of
the prosperity and perpetuity of the corporation;
Generate suitable profits to ensure the cash flow necessary to provide for the healthy operation of our corporation,
research and development, stable customer services, employee training and development,
and, the maintenance of safe and efficient manufacturing facilities.

As an industry leader and responsible corporate citizen, we will:

Contribute our fair share to our local community and society;
Conserve environmental resources at all times to preserve the global environment;
Incorporate the highest standard of ethics while still encouraging an aggressive approach to our business activities.