Message from the President

How higher productivity makes DMG MORI a supporter of sustainability

Since our establishment in 1948, DMG MORI has provided customers with increasingly precise machine tools and high-value total solutions for enhanced productivity.

The key to solving societal challenges through our business lies in the precision of machine tools. The more efficient the machine tool, the more resources can be saved and CO emissions reduced during production processes of parts, products, and in all of society.

Green Transformation (GX) is made possible by lean production systems that incorporate process integration and automation. Digital Transformation (DX) is equally important, as AI technology allows data collection, analysis, and visualization to generate feedback and continuous process improvement. DMG MORI combines both under the label of Machining Transformation (MX).

DMG MORI firmly believes that the better our products the closer we are to realizing sustainability, and that our business activities themselves contribute to society. Through our production equipment and total solutions, we will continue to fulfill our responsibility as a supporter of a sustainable society.

Masahiko Mori

DMG MORI CO.,LTD. President, Dr. Eng.
DMG MORI AG Chairman of the Supervisory Board