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DMG MORI Group Materiality (Priority issues)

DMG MORI has identified and announced its Materiality and the group's approach to sustainability management.
We have defined 13 materiality issues based on our Mission Statement and divided them into three major categories; “Contributing to society and environment through technological innovation,” “Strengthening management foundation, “and “Realizing sustainable society.
For each of the 13 issues, we set KPIs and are implementing group-wide activities under our new three-year management plan, “Mid-term Business Plan2025,” which has been effective since January 2023

How We Identified Materiality

When identifying Materiality, DMG MORI listed the important issues and organized them into categories while carefully considering various factors; international guidelines, global social issues, and other internal and external circumstances that must be taken into account, in addition to the Mission Statement, Medium-term Business Plan 2025, and other key policies and plans of the DMG MORI group.

  • Category
  • Materiality
Contributing to society and environment through technological innovation
  • 1Improving customers' productivity and shop floor environment
  • 2Achieving a sustainable society
  • 3Improving safety and quality
  • 4Promoting and collaborating on open innovation
  • 5Providing educational opportunities and contributing to human resource development
Strengthening management foundation
  • 6Ensuring transparent disclosure and proactive communication
  • 7Building a resilient company that can survive through economic fluctuations
  • 8Strengthening compliance and valuing Intellectual Property
  • 9Strengthening export control and information leakage risk management against cyber-attacks, etc.
  • 10Strengthening corporate governance
Realizing sustainable society
  • 11Promoting health and safety management
  • 12Promoting diversity and inclusion
  • 13Contributing to local communities and cultural development