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Oil skimmer "SLS Series"


No need for a belt-type separation tank based on specific gravity difference
Screw-type oil skimmer with greatly improved oil removal capacity

Thanks to efficient removal of oil from coolant surface by screw, it eliminated a separation tank based on specific gravity difference. This means smaller foot print and no need for tank cleaning. Oil removal capacity was significantly improved, compared to a conventional oil skimmer.

*Please contact our sales team for details.
*Manufacturer: RIX (Japan)


1.Prevent coolant deterioration

Removing oil from water-miscible coolant prevents coolant deterioration, extends coolant lifetime, and maintains cutting performance.

2.Outstanding oil removal capacity from coolant surface

Removal amount max. 850ml/hr at continuous operation.

3.Easy maintenance

A simple structure and easy maintenance.

4.Reduction of waste liquid

Waste liquid contains less than 7% water. Minimum coolant loss.

Comparison to a conventional belt-type oil skimmer

Mechanism of an oil skimmer

Attached to a machine tool
(Model: Horizontal Machining Center NHX 6300)

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