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Permesinan:Filtrasi cairan pendingin

Elementless Filter "FILSTAR"


An elementless filter for high-accuracy coolant filtration, environment protection and cost reduction

With the special 3-tier centrifugal separator, fine sludge are separated instantly and highly precisely. The sludge is accumulated in a drain cup, therefore does not return to the tank. Since it is elementless, time-consuming filter replacement is not necessary for continuous lquid purification.

*Please contact our sales team for details.
*Manufacturer: industria (Japan)


1.High-accuracy filtration

10μm sludge can be collected by 90% or more.

2.Maintenance cost reduction

No need for replacing or purchasing filters, therefore no waste disposal.

3.Stable purity

The filtered sludge is accumulated in a cup and does not return to the tank, which keeps liquid clean.


The 3-tier centrifugal separator does not require energy; it utilizes a pump's liquid flow instead to save energy.

Special 3-tier centrifugal separator

Tank overview (patent applied)

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