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Takashima Works

ECOCOOL 3000-DMJ, a high-performance coolant that can increase factory productivity and even improve work environments


Founded in 1932, Takashima Works is a metal machining manufacturer that specializes in cutting. The company works mostly with aluminum, but machines a wide range of materials including copper, titanium, nickel, iron, and stainless steel, and machines everything from prototypes to mass production items. It manufactures parts for precision devices and industrial devices found in such products as tractors, food equipment, and robots. It has also been involved in manufacturing defense-related parts for nearly 60 years due to its advanced technical capabilities, flexible support, and thorough quality control.
The company had operated since the year it was founded in Kobe (Nagata-ku and Hyogo-ku), but relocated to Kobe Techno Logistic Park in Nishi-ku in 2023. It is now focusing on establishing an even cleaner and worker-friendly workplace environment, even as it continues to install new facilities for the next generation.

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