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Polygon Cutting


Synchronize the rotational speed of the tool and workpiece and achieve highly efficient machining of polygonal shapes

Polygon cutting is a technology cycle that allows easy machining of polygonal shapes with a turning center. Generally, polygonal shape machining is performed on dedicated machines, which require process division and workpiece loading and unloading. By introducing polygon cutting, the process can be consolidated and productivity can be improved.

Main Applicable models

  • NTX 2000 / NTX 2500 / NTX 3000
  • NZX series
  • NLX series
  • ALX series

Process integration for efficient production

Unique selling points

1.Smooth and interactive program creation

  • Guidance screen for easy input of machining conditions and tool information
  • Quick program creation that requires no special knowledge

2.Tool rotation speed synchronized with workpiece rotation

  • Highly efficient cutting that cannot be achieved by milling tools
  • Sychronized rotation of workpiece and tool by 1:2 ratio
  • Shape is determined by the number of blades on the cutting tool

3.Reduced deburring time

  • Chamfering possible with the same tools, no special tools required
  • Automized deburring
  • Operators can focus on more value-added tasks

4.High accuracy that is equal to specialized machines

  • Flatness: 0.05 mm (0.001 in.)
  • Process integration to a single machine that contributes to automation
  • * Actual value obtained from cutting a hexagon-shaped workpiece.
  • * Results may vary depending on cutting conditions.

5.Support for selection of specialized tools

  • No knowledge of specialized tools required
  • DMG MORI offers high-quality tools as DMQP
  • DMQP: DMG MORI Qualified Products

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