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NTX 2500 | 3000 2nd Generation

The highest dimensional, volumetric and surface accuracy
Distance between centers 3,000 version for long shaft processing

The NTX 2500 | 3000 2nd Generation was developed to enable all turning and milling operations on 1 machine through combination of the high-performance turning spindle turnMASTER and the turn-mill spindle compactMASTER with only 350 mm in length.
The processing of large-size shaft-shaped workpieces of max. 3,030 mm in one chucking reduces setup changes and enables process integration. Furthermore, a large-capacity tool magazine for storage of up to 246 tools and a long tool stocker for special shaft-processing tools are available as well.
The chuck size of left spindle is available to choose from 10 or 12 inches.

※A picture is NTX 3000 | 3000 2nd Generation.

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