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5軸 / 多軸機器:5軸加工中心:DMF

DMF 200 | 8 / DMF 200 | 8 linear


DMF 200 | 8 / 200 | 8 linear

5-axis control traveling column machining center features high rigidity with three linear guides on the X-axis

The DMF series is a collection of traveling column machining centers optimal for achieving the highest productivity with long workpieces while supporting 5-axis machining with a swiveling rotary table. The DMF 200 | 8 series features a large machining area with the X, Y, and Z-axes moving up to 2,000 mm, 800 mm, and 850 mm, respectively. The X-axis is equipped with three linear guides for rigid machining. The Y and Z-axes adopt a direct ballscrew drive along with a cooling mechanism across the entire machine to enable excellent machining surface finish and high precision.

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