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5軸 / 多軸機器:5軸加工中心:DMU eVo

DMU 40 eVo / DMU 40 eVo linear


DMU 40 eVo / eVo linear

Stable Simultaneous 5-axis Machining by Optimized Bridge-type Structure

The DMU eVo series models are simultaneous 5-axis machines equipped with an NC automatic swivel table. The models employ a bridge-type structure, ensuring high rigidity and stable machining for a long term.
The DMU 40 eVo is equipped with a 450 × 400 mm working table with a loading capacity of up to 250 kg. The model is suited to machining of small-to-medium size workpieces for various fields including medical component, automotive and aircraft industries.
The linear specification with the linear drive of highly dynamic performance is also available.

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